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Pair Crest Plates ST ALBYN family

Pair Crest Plates ST ALBYN family

A pair of English porcelain plates, with the crest of the ST ALBYN ( St Aubyn) family;

centrally positioned within turquoise and magenta painted rims.

Retailers mark for Thomas Goode, Lomdon.


'A wolf sejant erm., collared, ringed, and lined, the line refiexed over the back or'

Of Paracombe, Devon, and Alfoxton, Somerset.

From the reign of Edward I Paracombe was their seat (1289-1837), in later years they lived

at Alfoxton Park in Devon.  The house was rented to Wordsworth in 1797-98 during his friendship

with Coleridge and the library aired the first reading of the famous poem, 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'.  The pair found inspiration from their surroundings and Wordsworth's sister, Dorothy wrote:

"Here we are in a large mansion, in a large park with seventy head of deer around us. There is furniture enough for a dozen families like ours. There is an excellent garden, well stocked with vegetables and fruit. The front of the house is to the south, but it is screened from the sun by a high hill. From the end of the house we have a view of the sea"





Measuring approx  8.5 Inches wide.

Excellent condtion, minor crazing to glaze.


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