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Pair Armorial Plates NORMAN family Cumbria

Pair Armorial Plates NORMAN family Cumbria

A superb pair of English porcelain plates with Cumbrian landscape scenes, handpainted by 

J.B norman. 


    The Reverend J.B Norman M.A was rector for Little Stanbourne in Middlesex,
the rare surviving Baroque Church that once stood alongside CANNONS the Palace 
built by the Duke of Chandos. He lived at nearby Whitchurch Rectory and also owned
lands, 'The Bow' Farmhouse Great Orton, near Carlisle, Cumbria. The family have been there
since 1540 and farm 500 acres.
     The plates have dated scenes near Carlisle that he must have known well or even could see
from his land. He has signed the plates so I believe he painted them himself about 1880. It was fashionable at the time to purchase 'blanks' or blank plates to decorate at home and fire later.


Measure approx 9.5 Inches wide. Perfect condtion.


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