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Crown Princess Stephanie of Austria

Crown Princess Stephanie of Austria

 Superb plate charger, made for Princess Stephanie of Austria and

bearing her monogram or cypher.

Exqusite hand painted and enamelled border, Pirkenhammer, retailed

by Ernst Wahliss of Vienna, Austria. Smaller plates with a plain border

and crowned monogram (identical) were made by the same company.


Measures 12 Inches (30cm wide).


Crown Prince Rudolph, only son of the Emperor, who was Stephanie's husband, tragically died

in a suicide pact with his mistress at the Royal Hunting Lodge in Meyerling.

This personal tradegy is often quoted as a catalyst that ultimately

led Europe to  the First World War.


The border of these plates matches a set made for the Khedive of Egypt,

as  well as another set made for the Imperial family.



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